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Material Physics and Technology at Extreme Conditions - Laboratory of Crystallography - Prof. Dubrovinskaia

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Awards and Fellowships

Natalia Dubrovinskaia: Appointed as Guest Professor for Advanced Functional Materials (since November 2019) Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology (IFM), Linköping University, Sweden

Natalia Dubrovinskaia: Visiting professor Fellow at The Laboratory Géosciences Environnment Toulouse, Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées, France (2019)

Dominique Laniel: The Alexander-von-Humboldt Fellowship 2019 for two-year research on his project “High-pressure synthesis and crystal chemistry of novel ionic polynitrogen entities as the future's high energy density materials” (link)

Thomas Meier: The European High Pressure Research Group Award 2018 for his work on development of high-sensitivity NMR spectroscopy in diamond anvil cells at pressures of up to 90 GPa

Elena Bykova: Max-von-Laue Prize 2018, received from the German Crystallographic Society “for her exceptional contribution to the development of the methodology of ultra-high pressure crystallography and for discovery and structure solution of new polymorphs of iron compounds” (pdf)

Thomas Meier, Saiana Khandarkaeva and Leonid Dubrovinsky: Laureates of the German ‘Landmarks in the Land of Ideas’ competition 2018 (“Deutschland: Land der Ideen”) “for magnetic resonance imaging under high pressure” (pdf)

Natalia Dubrovinskaia and Leonid Dubrovinsky: Gregori Aminoff Prize in Crystallography 2017, received from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences “for having developed new methodology for in situ-experimental determination of crystal structures subjected to extreme conditions of high temperature and pressure” (pdf)

Natalia Dubrovinskaia and Leonid Dubrovinsky: Doctor honoris causa (Dr. h. c.) from Linköping University, (Linköping, Sweden, 2014for research contribution of particular importance for Linköping University” (pdf)

Dr. Ines Collings: The Alexander-von-Humboldt Fellowship 2014 for two-year research on her project “Structure–property relationships in multiferroic metal–organic frameworks at high pressure” (link)

Dr. Huiyang Gou : The Alexander-von-Humboldt Fellowship 2011 for two-year research on his project “High-pressure high-temperature synthesis and investigations of transition metal tetra-borides and ternary boron-rich compounds” (link)

Natalia Dubrovinskaia: Heisenberg Professorship of Material Physics and Technology at Extreme Conditions 2011-2016 in the Excellence Program of the German Research Foundation (DFG) (link)

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