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Material Physics and Technology at Extreme Conditions - Laboratory of Crystallography - Prof. Dubrovinskaia

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Methodological developments: A new compact diamond anvil cell design for low temperature nuclear inelastic X-ray scattering applications.

Dr. Konstantin Glazyrin

In collaboration with and with support of: I. Kantor, V. Potapkin, R. Hermann, K. Frieze, I. Sergeev, V. Murzin and L. Dubrovinsky.

In order to address specific challenges of the modern experiments at low temperature conditions involving backscattering equipment, we designed, produced and tested a new diamond anvil cell. Test of the cell involved measurements of partial phonon density of states for pure Te and Te oxide systems within nuclear inelastic scattering methodology. The cell was also tested and used for EXAFS, radial X-ray diffraction experiment producing supplementary information important for characterization of systems explored.

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