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Material Physics and Technology at Extreme Conditions - Laboratory of Crystallography - Prof. Dubrovinskaia

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Chemical reactions in laser heated dsDACs

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  • In situ single-crystal X-ray diffraction studies of Fe-O at pressures relevant to deepest part of the Earth and mantles of Earth-like rocky planets in order to establish relationship between different phases of Fe(II, III) oxides, and, more generally, investigating regularity in ultra-high pressure chemistry of transition metal oxides.
  • Single-crystal X-ray diffraction studies of possible products of reactions in laser heated dsDACs. Investigation of novel rhenium carbides with 3D structured carbon framework at multi-megabar pressure regime.
  • Fabrication and evaluation of capabilities of the secondary anvils shaped with FIB (focused ion beam) from single crystal diamond plate.
  • Sample preparation and fabrication of specific type anvils for experiments in DAC

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